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Do you know anyone who is over-weight and has blood sugar issues like Type II Diabetes?

Plexus Slim is an amazing diabetic friendly, all-natural product that helps people balance their blood sugars and burn off excess fat and inches that could dramatically change their health, and their life.

People who have blood sugar issues – they are pre-diabetic or they have Type II Diabetes – and who are over-weight are our number one target. By monitoring their blood sugar levels, they know within days that Plexus Slim is working for them. They also seem to be the people who lose weight the fastest. Once their blood sugar starts to come into balance, their weight seems to come off quickly and easily.

My mom and dad were both diagnosed with Type II Diabetes several years back and my son’s father’s family has diabetes that runs in his family so I decided to start doing some research on the subject.

I have found a lot of valuable information and tools at everydayhealth.com about diabetes and how to “live” with it.  They also have a very good forum for people dealing with diabetes to connect with each other to share tips and stories about how they deal with health issue on a every day basis.  It also a good avenue for family members and friends to network as well.

It is hard to try to make my son understand sometimes how important it is to practice good eating habits in order to try and avoid what he may be destined to develop later in life.  I have always been overweight but it seemed to get even more “out of control” after I had my son almost 14 years ago.  Always on the run, we got used to grabbing whatever we could along the way to satisfy our hunger pains never thinking about the consequences we would face down the road.  Of course some of things we are dealing with now are both of  us being overweight and my son’s limited palette consisting only of cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken strips, french fries and cheese sticks.  Over the last few years we have been trying to work on expanding his menu with some success (some meaning hardly none), but I realized that I to also teach myself.  What good would it do to preach to him about healthy eating when I was sitting there stuffing my face with whatever I wanted.

Another reason for my change of lifestyle is my stepson.   He is going to be 17 at the end of this year is very fit but he has high blood pressure that he takes regular medicine for.  He lives in New Jersey and comes visits us as much as he can down here in South Louisiana.  Well he loves to eat everything and we love to watch him eat and enjoy all we cook for him.  Of course it is always major cooking production when he comes down since the competition begins with my husband, mom, dad and myself too see who can cook the favorite dish of the visit.  Now please do not take offense to this but down here you know we have some of the best food….come on now you know it…..but it is not always the healthiest.  So I want to be able to cook healthier choices for him as well.

Now that you know some history you can see that it was imperative to learn how to whip up some healthier alternatives to our favorites.  We invested in several diabetic and “healthy” cookbooks and scoured the internet for free sources for recipes.  Of course even on the best days we still fall of the wagon but with the help of Plexus Slim it is a lot easier now.

Plexus Slim helps promote healthy blood sugar levels and when that happens the weight seems to kinda melt off….don’t worry you won’t find little pools of liquid trailing behind you….but you will feel lighter, healthier and WARNING, you may need a new wardrobe before you are done.  Some of our Plexus Slim customers are having their diabetes medicines reduced and even getting off of them since starting the little pink drink.

Even though I do not have diabetes, the pink drink has made a difference in my life and my family’s.  If you know anyone who you believe would benefit from the all-natural, diabetic friendly little pink drink, please pass the word on about our site and product.  I guarantee you won’t regret it, and neither will they.

Here’s to your health-


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