Tips for Successful Weight Loss Using Plexus Slim

We are receiving many emails.  Some people are sharing their Plexus Slim success stories.  Other people disappointed with their results.

Tip #1 – Drink Plexus Slim Every Day

You must take Plexus Slim each and every day to experience steady weight loss.  When asked, the majority of the persons who were disappointed were not taking their Plexus Slim every day.  Most admitted to taking it only twice a week, when they even remembered at all.    There is a reason for the 60 day money back guarantee.

Tip #2 – Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Some of our customers who have achieved their ideal weight tell us they are taking only half of the Plexus Slim each day.  Others are saying they take Plexus Slim every other day.

Tip #3 – What Works For You

I have a problem with dinner and after work snacking.  I take 1/3 of my Plexus Slim before lunch and consume 2/3 at 4 p.m.  This helps to control my snacking and over eating at dinner.  Do what works for you.

Tip #4 – Take The Saliva Test

You could be suffering from Candida.  This link will provide you with the information you need and the directions for taking the Saliva Test.

Tip #5 – Your Results

Do not be disappointed if you do not lose 20 pounds in two weeks.  These results do exist, but they are not typical.  Expect to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week without changing your diet or exercising.  Although a change of diet and exercising would greatly improve weight loss results, I and many others have not been able to make that change.  At least, not yet.

Tip #6 -  You Are Worth It

People have complained that Plexus Slim was too expensive.  It cost less than $3 a day for the powder and less than $4 a day for the powder with the accelerator.  Give up a few boxes of Twinkies, a few fast food meals, a bag or two of chips and few sodas this month.  I promise you are worth giving Plexus Slim a try.


Plexus Slim has continued to work for me, when many other products did not.  There is a chance that even following the above tips it may not work for you.  However, you do owe it to yourself to give it a try.

The photo posted below depicts the products that did not work for me.  These products may have worked for thousands of other people,  just not me.






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    • says


      We are sorry you have not seen the results you were expecting with the Plexus Slim Products. You mentioned that you were curious if you could take it in the afternoon or later in the day, well the answer is you can take the product anytime you need it most. We are most definitely not medical or dietary experts, just two friends who are sharing our experiences with an audience to hopefully cheer you along on your journey to good health.

      I used to take my plexus in the morning about an hour before eating. My metabolism is on the slower side and I find it takes more like an hour to start working it’s magic. My friend Jackie, the other 1/2 of the Pink Drink Ladies, takes her plexus in the afternoon because like you she has more cravings toward the end of the day. I think it is a matter of finding out what works best for you.

      When I want to kind of jump start myself again I will take one in the morning around 10am and one in the afternoon around 3:00pm. I find this helps me even more when I am having a bad week of cravings.

      Now I can tell you that some people that have talked with us about their experiences say that when they only like taking the bio cleanse only like once a week. Our supplier also told us that taking the bio clease may not work for some. I would maybe recommend playing around with the time of day you take the powder and maybe start with 1 probiotic in the am and 1 in the pm. Try that for maybe a couple weeks then if you need to add and extra probiotic in am and pm until you see some results.

      I usually like to recommend to people to try the plexus slim first for 2 – 3 weeks and then add one product at a time after that for a couple weeks. If you start by taking too many different things you may not really find out which product is working and which one is not.

      I hope this helps you!

      Keep us posted on your progress and let us know if you have any other questions.


  1. stephanie says

    i have the same trouble i do well at work with eating but the afternoon and when i get home is when i need the most help. so it is ok to take it later in the day. i have been on it for a month and have taken the bio cleanse and the stuff for yeast i have seen much change maybe a tad in my face. i just wanted some good tips that might help me.

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